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Welcome-ish Door Rug

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Hey y'all! Welcome to our home, sorta! This "Welcome-ish" mat is the perfect greeting for all our guests. Measuring 30 inches by 17 inches, it's the ideal size to fit right at our front door. Made of natural colored Coir, it adds a touch of rustic charm to our Southern abode.

The mat features bold black writing that spells out "Welcome-ish" in a fun, playful font. The black lettering stands out beautifully against the natural coir background, making it easy to read from a distance. The coir material is durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it perfect for our busy household.

As a Southern Momma, I love how this mat adds a touch of Southern hospitality with a twist of humor. It sets the tone for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while also adding a touch of lightheartedness to our home. It's a perfect blend of traditional and modern style that reflects our family's personality. Y'all come on in!