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The South Graphic Tee

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 This Graphic Tee is soft pink and it's got the definition of the South right on it! Picture this: a cozy, comfy shirt that's perfect for sitting on the porch or takin' a stroll through the park. And right there in big ol' letters, it says our definition of The South. It's like a little piece of Southern sass that you can wear, Hon', and let everyone know just how we do things down here.

This tee is not only cute, but it's also soft as a cloud. It's made from the finest cotton, so it's cozy and gentle on your skin, just like a momma's hug. And that soft pink color? It's like the bloom of a magnolia in springtime, so feminine and sweet. Whether you're wearin' it with your favorite jeans or dressin' it up with a cute skirt, this tee is sure to turn heads and make you feel like the belle of the ball.

Our shirts are soft and comfortable and high quality. We use direct-to-garment printing, not sublimation or vinyl.

Unisex Fit