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Leave the Judging to Jesus Throw Pillow Cover

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Let me tell ya'll about this precious little pillowcase cover. It's a lovely white color with a dainty zipper, and it's got the most precious message printed right on it. In cute letters, it says "Leave the Judging to Jesus." Isn't that the truth? It measures 17 inches by 16.5 inches, so it's the perfect size to snuggle up with on your favorite chair or even toss on your bed for a touch of Southern charm.

This pillowcase cover is not just any ordinary pillowcase. It's a reminder to let go of all that unnecessary judgment and criticism, and just let the good Lord above handle it. It's a sweet little reminder to live with kindness, grace, and acceptance, just like Jesus taught us to. And with its crisp white color and handy zipper, it's as functional as it is inspirational. So go ahead, darlin', add a touch of faith to your home with this precious pillow case cover, and let the world know that you're leaving the judging to Jesus.

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