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Excuse the Mess Door Rug

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Welcome to our humble abode, Hon. Now, let me tell you about our Southern Momma-approved welcome mat that's gonna make you feel right at home.

This mat measures a cozy 30 inches by 17 inches, so it's the perfect size for your front porch or entryway. It's made of natural colored Coir, which is a tough and durable material that's going hold up to whatever life throws at it. And the black writing on it, well, it's gonna make you giggle, hon. It says, "Please excuse the mess, I'm a Shitty Housewife."

 Southern mommas aren't ones to sugarcoat things. We know life can get messy, and sometimes we don't have time to keep our houses spotless. But that doesn't mean we aren't proud of our homes and the love we put into 'em. So, this mat's gonna show off your sense of humor and let your guests know that you're real and down-to-earth before they ever step foot in the door.